Newborn Baby

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

This may be your first or the next and you are planning and hoping for a happy and healthy baby.

Your pregnancy and birth experience should be as nature intended: fearless, relaxed, prepared with healthy food and exercise, and understanding the birth process. Animals give birth easily, and human mothers have bodies designed to give birth.

Your birth companion (husband, sister, friend) will be with you during your preparation and the birth, and your caregiver and attendants should be aware of your desires for a birth uninterrupted or medically hastened unless it is medically necessary. A calm birth results in a calm baby and a mother who has been fully aware and in control, able to welcome her baby. Your birth companion has been with you guiding you, giving you water and snacks, and soft music; speaking for you and discussing with you any suggestions made by the attending doctor or midwife.

What is HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing is a program of preparation devised by Micky Mongan for calm natural birthing. It is important to practice the meditation and the exercises between the weekly classes, just as athletes train for a competition.

You and your birth companion will attend five 2½ hour classes starting at about 28 weeks. One class a week, in which every aspect of birth, exercises, choosing your caregivers, writing a birth plan to go through with your caregivers, eating well, right up to the birth and after. You learn to take yourself into a meditative state of mind as you relax and practice the controlled breathing needed for each stage of the birth.

Thousands of women and their babies have benefited from this program. Your baby is aware of you and your feelings, and can respond to being talked to, played with, and encouraged at the end, into the best position for birth. Music is very soothing, or can be exciting. Some pre-born babies seem to have favourite songs or music, or even stories they respond to after birth.


Five classes, a book and CD's — R1,500.00 per couple (R1,250.00 for two or more couples in a group).

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