Quit Smoking

No thanks, I don't smoke.

Congratulations! You have decided it's time to quit smoking. You have used cigarettes as your friends in many situations, but now realise they are not friends but enemies.

You know why you should not smoke, but focus on the benefits and freedoms of not smoking.

The nicotine clears out your body in a couple of days.

Breathe freely, because your lungs are able to absorb more oxygen.

Know that the black tar in your lungs is being cleared.

You have more energy for living, exercising, playing with your kids.

Health risks such as lung cancer, emphysema, stroke, etc. are significantly decreased.

Enjoy the real taste of food, the scent of flowers and perfume.

You don't have to buy cigarettes, air fresheners, or clean dirty ashtrays.

You, your clothes, and your car, smell clean and fresh.

What to do?

When you are ready to stop smoking, sign up for Pamela's excellent program and look forward to…

your cigarette-free future

freedom and benefits

The Program:

Two sessions a week or ten days apart.

A follow-up session two months later to reinforce the new habit, if needed.


R1,000.00 for all three sessions.

Use the [   contact ] facility in the footer of this page to contact Pam for more information.