Stress Relief

Are you stressed and unable to cope with the challenges of life?

You probably have several stressful situations which pile up, and you feel you have to work harder, but can't, or become inefficient and careless and want to get out.

Stress is a challenge to mind and body, which sets up a flight, fright, or freeze reaction. Adrenalin is released, muscles tense, breathing and heart-rate increase, and digestive processes slow down.

A certain level of stress makes one react positively, to perform work or compete really well. But if the level increases beyond your ability to cope/deal with it, you feel anxious, demotivated, fearful, and overwhelmed.

Headaches, insomnia, digestive upsets, and forgetfulness, are common.

You look for ways to learn to cope, to relax the tensions which make you exhausted and irritable.

In the deep, guided relaxation of hypnosis, Pamela can help you find positive strengths, instead of negative reactions. You learn the self-hypnosis of meditation and find actions and solutions to your problems. You realise your self-worth, and your self confidence improves as you realise that you are a unique person with strength and ability to make choices.

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