Fat Mouse

Weight Management

Have you followed one diet plan after another and lost kilos which creep back when you reach your 'goal weight' and reward yourself with the double burgers and ice creams you have craved?

What is the background to your heaviness? Or, if you long to increase your weight, what is the reason if there is no medical cause? Pamela does not interfere with any medical program. You should know if there is a medical reason for your change of weight.

What do you want to achieve? Health? A new bikini? Run Comrades next year? Relationship? Happiness? You can't have a bucket of happiness, so what will be in your bucket?

Pamela can help you to realise your underlying problem and to follow a program of self realisation leading to your goal — not only of lost weight but also of the life you want to lead.

The program starts with three sessions about two weeks apart, and continues with follow up sessions monthly as long as it is needed. It depends on what you want and need.

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